Agitation Leaching in Parral Tank System

Means of Effecting AgitationAnalysis of The Pachuca Tank and Its OperationsDefects of The SystemThe Parral Tank System of Slime AgitationExtraction of ValuesConclusionIn the cyanide plants built before 1907, agitation was effected in tanks 10 to 12 ft. deep, and ranging in diameter up to 30 ft., by mechanically revolving stirring arms, assisted by centrifugal pumps drawing the settled pulp from the bottom of the tank and throwing it back on the top of the charge in the same tank. This method was fairly efficient, but expensive in both the construction and the operation of the plant; and it was superseded by pneumatic or air lift agitation, which proved toBuy Now

Agitators and Mixers CEM International

Agitators High Efficiency Tank MixersImpeller TechnologyMixing ApplicationsChemical Plant Engineering designs and manufactures a range of high efficiency agitators and tank mixers to meet the widest range of fluid mixing requirements.Agitators can be manufactured to suit various industry applications ranging from food, wine and dairy through to chemical and mineral processing.Our agitators are ideally suited for both batch and continuous applications such as 1. Blending of two or more miscible liquids 2. Complete motion of a liquid to maintain uniformity and prevBuy Now

Agitator Types CEM International

Types of Agitators. Various agitator types and configurations can be offered including Clamp on portable with swivel or socket plate mount. Fixed mount top entering with inline or right angled drive. Side entering with shaft retract system, for seal replacement without emptying the tank

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Just for you For Chemical engineers(Mixing and Agitation

Oct 09, 20081 Three blade propeller agitator There are several types of agitators that are widely used. A common type, shown in Fig. 3.4 1, is a three bladed marine type propeller similar to the propeller blade used in driving boats. The propeller can be a side entering type in a tank or be clamped on the side of an open vessel in an off center position.

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Industrial agitator

Types. Mainly 4 types of Agitators are used in Pharmaceutical reactors, they are 1.Anchor 2.Turbine 3.Propeller 4.gas induction Several different kind of industrial agitators exist mechanical agitators (rotating) static agitators ( pipe fitted with baffles) Rotating tank agitators (like concrete mixer) Agitator mixer paddle type

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Gold Leaching Agitation Tanks

The Devereux is a propeller type agitator in which a propeller revolving centrally in a round, flat bottomed tank at about one third the depth of the tank above the bottom forces the pulp downward to the bottom where it is deflected along the bottom and up the tank sides, creating a vortex at the center in which air is drawn into the pulp.

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